Founder Richard Leonardi
Lost Canyon Nature Reserve
Photo: Mike Sivak

Lost Canyon Nature Reserve is a private nature park founded in 2005 by American author, photographer and tourism professional Richard Leonardi. Lost Canyon is dedicated to protection of Nicaragua's flora and fauna, via restoration and conservation of tropical dry forest biodiversity, inside Lake Managua's northern watershed.

Visitor Information

View north from the Lost Hill Lookout
Lost Canyon Nature Reserve
Photo: Richard Leonardi

Lost Canyon Nature Reserve is a 98 acre (40 ha) private wildlife refuge and tropical dry forest reserve located in a broad canyon (or narrow valley) that cuts into the western slope of Nicaragua's central mountain range. Reserve terrain ranges from 466 - 1,174 feet (142-358 m) above sea level; average annual rain fall is 31-47 inches (800-1,200 mm), mean temperature 84°F (29°C). The reserve employs a native of the canyon as park ranger and he shares reforestation, conservation, trail maintenance and wildlife monitoring responsibilities with reserve founder. Several low-impact hiking trails exist inside the reserve for visitors, yet the majority of park terrain is totally void of human access to minimize disturbance of native fauna. Reserve visits are by appointment only, please contact us.